wedding registry idea: something old instead of new



When one my sister was getting married, she didn’t register for any new china. What she did include on the bottom of her store registry lists was tips on where to find the vintage Red Wing china she collected. While eBay or might not be everyone’s idea of wedding shopping, enough of us did like the idea that my sister and brother-in-law ended up with a whole set of Bob White, including this completely wacky but irresistible hors d’oeuvres holder that invites you to pierce the poor bird all over with food-laden toothpicks. (One guess who had to buy them that.) Looking for other ideas? You could also “register” to round out a set of vintage glassware or silverware passed down from a grandparent. With all the online resources, it’s a practical and fun way to expand your idea of wedding registries and show your guests a more personal side. — Sarah L.

Top photo by Flickr member jacglennon

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That is exactly what we did! My fiance has the standard pieces of gorgeous Limoges china but the fun side pieces are kind of hit-or-miss and we have a lot of onesie-twosies. We registered for a bunch of odds and ends on!

We’ve also used the “Add to MyRegistry” button through to include several items from Etsy sellers. Some of our older relatives are not huge fans of the online method of buying gifts, but they are so eager to get us vintage and one-of-a-kind items that they’ve gotten over their fears of the interwebs. ; )


Omg @ellobie – we did the same thing! We registered at for items from Chiassoand Etsy AND we also requested secondhand items (if people had any they didn’t need such as some cookware or small pieces of furniture) through myregistry’s offline gift feature. Have you used their iPhone barcode scanner by any chance? It looks extremely fun and convenient. Sadly, I do not own an iPhone but one day one day…lol

Thank you for interesting ideas. These gifts are great. Would definately set your gift apart from the rest.