post off: how do you feel about yard sales?


Growing up, I don’t remember ever going to a yard sale, at least not until I was in high school — and by then I was at the age where I hated going with my Mom to look through other people’s stuff. (Ironic, given my love for antiques.) What I do remember, however, were farm auctions: fields full of tools, equipment, old harnesses, generations of accumulated furniture, linens, and magazines, all of which served as perfect mazes to run through with my siblings and friends. While I haven’t been to a farm auction in ages, I have finally become an official suburbanite after staging my first yard sale. It was a ton of effort, but by following tips from the Yard Sale Queen, we got rid of most everything. Plus we taught the kids another way to practice the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). I’m just not ready to do it again for at least another 10 years. What about you? Are you planning a yard sale this year? — Sarah L.

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I am not planning on having a yard sale this year (I got rid of a bunch of stuff last year), but I am definitely planning on going to a bunch of yard sales. My favs are the neighbourhood-wide yard sales, which I happen to be going to this weekend!


Dang! Sorry I missed it.

: )

Sarah L.

what was i thinking??? i know just how much can be crammed into that trunk of yours : )


I love going to yard sales – it’s something my sisters and I would do with our mom and we loved it. Every time I go to one now I think of her. But I also remember every time we had a yard sale at home – pure torture, cleaning and sorting out everything, pricing, etc.


I’ve only been to one when I was about 12 and mortified, but I had one last weekend and it was awesome!
I met so many fantastic neighbors, and had just a great time in general. I also took the lazy way out though and only priced things en masse (this table is $1, this table is 2/$1, this pile is $5 each).
I strong armed an experienced friend into helping me and she repeatedly yelled at me for tossing more and more stuff into the free box. Then when I went to get drinks she sold a few things for twice my asking price.
also, I went from 12 contractors bags of “stuff” down to two!

How is it that you have no yard sale memories when my entire childhood is composed of summers spent yard saling with mom every Thursday? It must be because I’m the favorite child.

How do I feel about yardsales? Just a little obsessed/addicted is all. Thanks for linking my site.

Sarah L.

Chris, you’re welcome and thank you for the great tips! They really were a huge time saver and a big part of the reason everything went so smoothly.

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