steal this idea: organize your desktop with images


I try to be an organized person. Really, I do, but most days, my desktop looks like it’s on the verge of a digital mutiny lead by a mishmash of uncategorized jpegs and hastily saved documents. Happily, all that is about to change thanks to this ingenious organizational how-to from Shelterpop. My fave tip? Organize with images. Simply download a desktop image, like this minimalist option from ExitCreative, and move your icons into their designated areas, or create your own, like the post’s author Erin Loechner did with her to-do list grid. For more background templates and non-visual desktop organizing tips click here. – Sarah C.

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this is GENIUS!


LOVE IT! Just organized my desktop at work:)


Been doing that for many years, ever since microsoft wiped out Win 3.11 (the best, and most stable OP system to date…).

I chose an image, a background color, made grids and a headline for each box. Later I decided to declutter and dropped the headlines.

I’d attach an image of my desktop, but no option here.

I use a program called Fences;
LOVE IT. Keeps everything organized, and I can change the categories, or add more, with ease :-)