kinda genius: portable phone charging shelf


Recently, I won tickets to a cage fight in St. Louis (seriously), so I packed my bags, hopped on Amtrak, and played house guest at a friend’s place. It’s a little thing, but I usually end up plugging my phone charger into the first available place and letting the cord and phone pool on the floor, hoping it won’t get stepped on or mistaken for a chew toy. No longer, fellow couch surfers! The Mobile Device Charging Holder from Driinn, $10, has quickly gone to the top of my travel essentials list. It’s a simple idea that turns any wall socket into a convenient, mess-free charging station. — Katie D.

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T Bone

perfect – now all i need is some friends and i’ll have a place to use this!

Brillant! wish i had thought of this.

I have one of these and it’s the most useful things I own.

One small issue is that when not connected, the loose end of the wire tends to unravel. So, I use a one of those binder clips to keep it in place.

Sheer genius and in such yummy colours!


Sounds good until you remember you are supposed to unplug all unused chargers from the wall to save energy. I guess you can place the holder thing with the cord on the table or floor but that seems to deflate the coolness of this holder.

Mary T.

I do unplug my chargers when not in use, Lorri, so that’s a good point. However, it does work nicely as a place to wind up the cord so it takes up less space.