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I hope we’re not annoying you with too many green cleaner posts, but when I saw this post at Re-Nest on how to scrub the tub with half a grapefruit and some salt, I had to give it a try. The comments at the original post were divided, with one person proclaiming it “Absurd!” (harsh) and more than one complaining that it was a waste of a grapefruit. Well, I figured one acidic citrus would do as well as another, so I bought a large lemon, halved it, and coupled it with some sea salt to take on my own tub and sink. For the tub, mixed reviews, but I’m starting to suspect it’s just my tub. I’ve written before about how our house is a work in progress — it was previously a rental, and it’s become apparent that someone cleaned the tub with something that removed a lot of the shiny finish. So while my tub smelled amazing after a scrubbing with lemon and salt, it didn’t look a whole lot cleaner to the eye. Our sink, however, has its porcelain finish, and it looks fantastic! Shiny as new! I will caution you that some of the commenters warn against using large-grain salt on an acrylic finish because it could scratch. See the how-to with grapefruit here. — Mary T.

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I love to clean with citrus and salt! Borax is a great scrubbing agent as well and less abrasive than salt as is baking soda.
My favorite “green” cleaner though is vinegar. I use it for practically everything. I use it on all my glass and windows and it does wonders on my wood floors. I love that I can let my 2, 4 and 6 year olds clean along with me and I don’t have to worry about a thing.

I posted my recipe for all purpose vinegar cleaner here:

And I just found another use: getting rid of sour laundry smell. If you have ever forgot a load of laundry in the machine you know that smell that lingers. Toss in a capful of vinegar and wash again, the smell will vanish. An added benefit is vinegar is also a great fabric softener.

Keep the green cleaning posts coming. I love them!

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