help! i need a narrow bottle brush


Last year, quite a few of our readers were enthused about the Soda Stream and other at-home water carbonators. But now reader Christine has a cleaning question:

Can anyone find a bottle brush that fits the bottles provided with the Penguin water carbonator? I can’t find one that is small enough for the bottle openings. Help! Love my Penguin!

We checked around, and enjoyed reading posts like this one at AT, but couldn’t find mentions of cleaning the bottles — any sources for Christine out there?

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if a baby bottle brush won’t work, how about the brush they sell to clean piping tips? probably any gourmet kitchen store or baking supply place has them. Michael’s or AC more might too….
Oh, and I got a SodaStream for my birthday a few weeks ago too. Love it!!!

Sigg makes a good bottle cleaner brush. The little tiny one in this set reminds me of a giant pipecleaner:

I’m not sure about brushes, but I wonder if the tablets you can get to clean Sigg bottles would work for this –


The larger SIGG bottle brush works great. Target was carrying them a few months ago.


Go to a pet store or aquarium store and look at the brushes sold for cleaning out aquarium tubing – they’ll fit in anything!

If you have a Daiso nearby they sell lots of little bottle brushes.


Redecker has all the brushes one could dream off. Here a set of various brushes to clean vases etc:
but click around on the website, they have so much more – brushes in all sizes and shapes and from different materials.


i found a set of 3 bottle type brushes in the cleaning/homekeeping section of cost plus world market if you have one nearby (sorry couldnt find a link)

Tupperware makes an excellent bottle washing brush. It’s about 1″ wide and has a very long handle. I love mine. It even gets into the bunny water bottle!