swank swim: the fish hotel


I grew up in a house full of pets — cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs — and all left fur on our couches! When I left my small Connecticut town to attend college in big-city Boston, sadly, I left the menagerie behind. The most I was allowed in my tiny dorm room was a single beta fish. Had I known about the Fish Hotel by Teddy Luong, my fish would have had some higher-class digs to match my higher education. A student at Carlton University’s School of Industrial Design, Luong designed the gorgeously modern fish bowls to be stackable. Since we’re right in the thick of graduation season, why not send your favorite student off to college with an aquatic friend in swanky digs? — Katie D.

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T Bone

Finally! My fish have been bugging me to get them out of the motel6 bowl they’re in now.

Sarah C.

That fish is a minimalist. I like his style.

That is so cool! Although my goldfish prefers a ranch house.

Angela M

Love it! And it’s only $25, not too bad. We were just saying that Isadora needed a fish to learn about life…. and death. :-(

i came from having tons of pets in CA to going away to college in RI and the FIRST thing I got was a crazy (expensive too) beta fish container made if glass (which I still have) I think every pet lover needs a beta fish when they go away to College!