is the gun overdone?


I know gun imagery has been popping up all over the place for the last few years, but I have to admit, I still sort of dig it. Not everything, of course, but every so often I see something that’s just really cool, no matter how many times the same idea has been used elsewhere. For me, there is just something about having a gun represent beauty and art instead of something deadly that resonates with my style. The jury is still out on this Gun Mug from Urban Outfitters. What do you think? — Erica P.

Photo via RVA Taste, where they rave about the mug’s ergonomics.

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Personally, I love it! I also love vampires, zombies, and Lady Gaga so- yeah- I’ve never been one to shy away from something just because it’s over blown.


agreed– I don’t shy away from overblown, still love robots and owls (not so much the vampires and zombies) but this particular incarnation is a pass for me.
While the gun vases seemed to be another instance of the peaceful daisy in a barrel symbolism, similar for the “gun rack,” and I loved all the materials in MOMA’s SAFE what is the commentary here? killing yourself with your caffeine? guns are a fun shape? I’m missing something.

(update: found the inevitable pun on the page, “mug shot” uhmm.. hah?)

I love it. But I would never ever buy from Urban Outfitters (their politics don’t suit me). So for now, I’ll pretend I own it. Pew pew pew.


I would never buy it. I find gun imagery really disturbing. I am not a peacenick or a hippie, nor even consider it “overblown” but I really do find the idea of drinking coffee from this just a little too much. Is gun imagery really that iconic?