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It’s safe to say that pretty much any airline you fly these days is going to charge you to check a bag. To avoid as many fees as possible on our last trip, my husband and I combined all our clothes into one large bag. Of course, the next challenge was being able to pack all of it and come in under the weight limit. So I was psyched to find this NPR story that led me to, a site for folks who intend to travel light. There’s a handy folding diagram, suggestions for what to pack depending on your destination, and links to online packing lists. (I had some issues trying to make the Universal Packing List work — the interface seems a little outdated — but I loved the simplicity of the Rick Steves packing list.) A final note, though: please don’t try to pack everything you own into a carry-on and assume you’re going to find plenty of storage once you board. Everyone else is trying to skirt the fees the same way. And your fellow passengers (me) will seethe, waiting to board while you attempt to shove your overstuffed bag into the overhead bin. — Mary T.

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