worth a look: storing produce without plastic


Here’s some great information from Fake Plastic Fish, Beth Terry’s documentation of her quest to live as plastic-free as possible: a comprehensive list on how to store produce without using plastic. Turns out that moist towels and containers filled with water do wonders. (Something tells us that our great-grandmothers knew this already.) Terry advises airtight containers in many instances, so check her roundup of airtight containers that aren’t made from plastic (but often do contain a silicon ring around the opening).

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This list is really helpful!

Oh what a great article! Thank you for sharing. I am trying to get rid of using plastic–ziplock bags are so handy and insidious in my life–so this is a great start.


I’m not sure I follow. You seem to imply in the last statement that silicon is a plastic? Sealing with a silicon ring or rubber ring avoids plastic but still gives a good seal?? I’m not sure how to read that last bit.

Thanks :)

Mary T

C., what it means is, she has a list of plastic-free containers, but to make the seal, some of them require a silicone ring. While silicone is technically not a plastic, it does contain some properties of plastic.



Ah, yes, I just recently discovered this with the turnips I’ve been bringing home from the farmer’s market. They seem keep best submerged in a jar of cold water. It’s greens I have the most trouble with, I’m interested to see if she has some tips…