kinda genius: alessi piccantino chili cruncher

chili crusher

This is a warning to all you chiliheads out there: jalapeño, cayenne, and habanero peppers contain a nasty little ingredient called capsaicin. Sure it makes peppers extra tasty and gives you that oh-so-delicious spicy tingle, but it’s also the main ingredient in weapons-grade pepper spray. That same wonderful ingredient is fantastic on your tongue, but not so great on your fingers where, if left unwashed, it can be transferred to your eyes (or other places if you’re really unlucky). To avoid the kind of unnecessary burning that would ruin a blind date in a rom-com, consider the piccantino chili cruncher by Alessi ($26). The silicone and stainless steel contraption allows you to grind up peppers for your famous chili sauce without coming in contact with your skin. –Katie D.

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T Bone

now that i know this exists i can quit my current job, use my medical degree and truly explore my passion for ophthalmology without sacrificing my daily chili making/eating.

so long burger king!

Melissa C

I got my husband one of these but don’t understand how it works. Can you explain?