post off: what are your favorite bridal shower traditions?


Last weekend I attended a beautiful bridal shower for a childhood friend. Held at the home of one of the bridesmaids, the event was highlighted by a few personal touches that I really enjoyed. First, each guest brought a recipe (baked oatmeal from me!) that we wrote on printed cards that accompanied our invitations, as well as an assigned spice to round out the bride’s spice rack. We each also created scrapbook pages that were then compiled into a lookbook detailing the bride’s “single years”, and between each gift, the bride answered questions about her relationship and we compared her responses to those of the groom, who had been asked separately. A mix of common traditions and new twists, it was a wonderful few hours spent celebrating the bride-to-be. With many friends who have recently become engaged, I’m just starting my run of the wedding gauntlet and am looking for some inspiration, so tell me: what are your favorite bridal shower traditions? — Sarah C.

Pictured above: the wedding dress cookie favors made by the bride’s sister. Gorgeous!

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Well, first off, let me say that your baked oatmeal recipe is now our family’s favorite breakfast. It is just so good.

As to bridal showers, I think so much depends on the bride. For example, one of my dearest friends is very fun loving and she loves to laugh. Serious or emotional would not have worked for her. Instead, we bought a family pack of toilet paper, split everyone into 3 teams and waited to see who created the best bridal ensemble. It was hilarious and just perfect for my friend.
For another friend, that never would have worked. Instead, we passed out cards to all the marred ladies as they came in and they wrote advice for the new bride. Some were serious, some were funny and some were sweet. We picked a few to read aloud while the bride opened presents and tried to guess the author.

I can’t wait to hear what other ideas people have–although I am on the baby shower shower circuit now, I still like great party ideas.


I like:
– gift unwrapping bingo ( if the wrap matches your outfit, if she opens a spatula, if you can name the groom’s eye color, etc) relieves attention from an hour’s unwrapping and a forced ooh for Aunt M’s dishtowels.
-the toilet paper bride has been a consistent hit for us too.
– those cookies!

I don’t like:
– the whole scrapbook thing, I’ve never felt that the time and tools allowed have led to a great page, and it seems like you get wildly uneven results
– door prizes, i can’t even unload that fine candle accessory on any of the usual suspects for such things because they are all at the party!
– the person who decides she will just buy all the spices so that anything anyone else brings upon request is a duplicate!


Maybe it’s my age, but I hate games at showers and so do all of my friends. I’m all for cute decorations and lovely food, but games, blech. You know what makes a shower fun? Cocktails.


I agree on no games. I love the recipe on notecards one (put them in a recipe card box). At my shower my friend also had everyone bring a card with a memory of me and a card with a piece of advice and then threaded those together into two little books with ribbon (you could also stick them in inexpensive photo albums). I love those very personal notes and am always touched when I look back at them.

I like the tradition of having a designated person build a bouquet out of the ribbons on a paper plate for the rehearsal. I know it is entirely cheesy, but hey, I like it.

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Yeah, most of the games are pretty lame. As are most of the “prizes.” No one needs more Bath & Body Works lotion! My friends usually opt for activities instead – decorating onesies for baby showers, bringing recipes (we usually have people print them on a regular sheet of paper) and then filing them in a binder by category. For groups that aren’t too familiar with one another, a fun “game” is to just go around and each person tell a funny anecdote about the bride. Really gets the conversation going and helps connect people who’ve known the bride at different points in her life.

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