five things we learned last week

organic matter

1) When it comes to picnics, you’ve got fun on the menu. Regarding must-have munchies, Kimberj says, “Lots of guacamole and chips with diet coke and fried chicken! Fresh melon and pineapple cupcakes with coconut frosting mmmmmmmmm”. Reader Greta of Picnics in the Park also shares some picnic perfect recipes in comments. So tell us: What’s in your picnic basket?

2) Reusable snack bags beat plastic, but handle with care! Calloddie says, “I was just wondering if there were alternatives to plastic baggies this week! Great timing… I’m thinking if I put them in the stiff-sided lunch cooler my guy carries, he won’t find a way to smoosh everything (maybe).” For more on our picks, and some DIY options, click here.

3) You want to hear more about sustainable sushi. Charlotte says, “oh my gosh, i didn’t know that unagi was endangered! that’s so sad and I will for sure stop eating it and spread the word–please do a post on what sushi is more likely to be sustainable to order!” Consider that wish granted. Stay tuned for more on the trend and read about Megan B’s eye-opening experience here.

4) Going to culinary school? This quirky set of chef’s pencils may be just the thing. Ansley says, “Thanks for sharing! My younger sister is about to start culinary school, and she’s the most difficult person to shop for. She’ll love these. How cute!”

5) You’ve considered using e-decorating services. DJ says, “I’ve been tempted by the room design service offered over on Young House Love.…I haven’t checked it out lately, but the last time it was a flat fee and they seem to provide a mood board and lots of very specific suggestions, which is just what I would want.” Get a glimpse into the process with Michelle’s experience with Decorati.

photo by Flickr member organic.matter

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