the pet toy that stands up to dogs: pentapulls


Okay, I love this toy — and so do my dogs! Pentapulls by Doggles are toys designed for strong dogs who love tug-of-war, like mine. Each toy is made from four layers of recycled 1680D ballistic nylon under plush. My dogs have been tossing, tugging, and chewing on them for a month, and they’re barely worse for wear — truly a miracle in our house. It’s a pure bonus that the toys (I got the MonsterPulls variety) are so darn cute to look at. (It’s especially funny when our dogs run around with all the legs falling out of their mouths like a bunch of red tongues.) Find them at Doggles for around $19. They’re worth the money! — Mary T.

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ALWAYS an appreciated tip.


Hmm .. I dare say that they haven’t met two of mine, one of whom is a voracious chewer w/ teeth of steel (hence one of her nicknames, “Jaws”).. I’d love to find a tug toy that they couldn’t tear up in the first 10 minutes, so I may just have to give this one a try .. wonder if they have a return & replace policy, like Lupine has?

Thanks for the great tip!

Thanks for the tip, I’m off to buy one of these for my little barracuda who can ruin a toy in 10 minutes flat . . .

Does it have squeakers in it?

Mary T

Yes, it does! : )

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