a few things we learned last week


1) Bed bugs make bad neighbors (and hotel guests). Not too many responded when we asked if you’d had bed bugs — perhaps you’re all too busy cringing? But we did relate to this comment from Amy, who says: “I’ve known a few people who’ve had them and it was a NIGHTMARE. They had to throw out tons of stuff, their landlord didn’t do anything to offset the costs of having bed bug exterminators come in, and they were sorta social pariahs for a while. I myself cringed a little the next time I saw and hugged said friend.” Our own Megan B. points us to a really “helpful (or terrifying) resource I found about hotels with bedbug problems: http://bedbugregistry.com/.”

2) Add quinoa to your summer salad mix. Shannon says: “I have never tried wheat berries, but we do cook a lot of quinoa in our house. I make a big batch at the beginning of the week, then for snacks or as a meal side I mix in dried cranberries, flax seed meal, almonds/walnuts, and a salad dressing (usually cranberry walnut vinegarette). The possibility for mix-ins are endless!” Yum! See Laurie David’s wheat berry salad recipe here.

3) Fred has fans. Sarah L. wanted to know what to do with a vintage frame, and the photo that came with it of a gent her family nicknamed “Fred,” and you lobbied to save him. Nick says: “I don’t want Fred for myself, but I think it would be a horrible shame to throw him away. If you decide to get a mirror cut for your frame, you should reverse Fred and put him on the back side of the mirror (facing the wall), so that he’ll be with the frame forever. If you’d rather get rid of him, take him to your local antique mall and ask if they’d like him for free. The picture of Fred is quite old and that man must have paid a lot to have such a nice portrait of himself taken. It should really be saved.” Others offered to take Fred off Sarah’s hands — and we think she’s taking you up on it!

Photo by Flickr member Cinamonas

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