kinda genius: dinisi travel tea pot


I’m not a tea drinker, but a coworker is, and she is raving about this on-the-go tea infuser she received as a gift. Made by Chinese company Dinisi, it features screw-on lids on both ends–the tea infuses from the bottom and you drink from the top. She absolutely loves it. Where it can be found, though, is a little trickier. Her friend purchased it at a local tea shop, but I’ve only been able to find it online at Ali Express and Ali Baba — two sources that I’ve never shopped before. If you like your tea, keep an eye out for this one. (And let us know if you’ve spotted it somewhere, too.) — Mary T.

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Very cool! I found a few mentions under other names, and you can buy it in three sizes at the Pure Puer tea site. On my want list, definitely!


Very cool, but it seems like if you didn’t drink fast enough you’d end up with some very bitter tea.


I have Aladdin’s tea infuser mug with a tea basket at top which can be pulled up out of the tea. It’s the same basic concept as this, only you don’t have to worry about your tea getting bitter or strong if you don’t drink it quickly enough … which is great for people like me who prefer weak tea.

Mary T.

Amy, someone else at work said that, too. But for those who like it very steeped, a good thing? (My coworker’s response was, “Just add less tea. : )


This is available at Vital Tea Leaf in San Francisco. They sell an amazing variety of quality tea ($5 – $1800 per pound) at multiple locations in China Town. Jason, Uncle G and their other staff are wonderfully informative, educational, and kind. Bringing guests to San Francisco by for a fee tasting is always a hit at Vital Tea. My fiancee bought me one of these bottles and it’s fantastic. I make apple oolong and blue people tea in it. It can handle heat or cold. I highly recommend all of the above for tea drinkers, whether you’re in SF or shopping online. Give Jason a call, he’ll hook you up!


one more note: for how to make it. You use half as much and, if you like it cold, put it in the bottle the night before; it will not oversteep. If you like it hot, steep, dilute and then simply remove the grounds by taking the bottom off by holding the bottle upside down with the lid tightly on. It works VERY well. I’m not affiliated in any way with Dinisi or Vital Leaf. I just really dig my tea at work. The green teas actually hydrate you and give you vitamins and energy without the tanins or toxins assocaited with caffeine.


For those of you who use ebay, the seller rj_teahouse99 sells these in two different sizes also!


Are the Dinisi bottles BPA free? I have one and love it but wondering…


I just got one and I realize that it doesn’t say any where whether or not it’s BPA free, well is it anyone? I really think the idea is great though, but can’t afford any more health problems. Thanks.