steal this idea: “wrap” an ipad (or other present) in chocolate

chocolate iPad 1-1
chocolate iPad 3-1

Not only did Stefan Magdalinski find an iPad in London to send to his wife in South Africa where they weren’t yet available, he also had it covered in chocolate with help from his chocolate maker friend Paul A. Young. (“Chocolate maker friend” — don’t you wish you had one of those?) The birthday present has launched him to the top of the “Husband of the Year” finals and also allowed him to get out of a record 300 “Whose turn is it to load the dishwasher?” fights. While not all of us can afford to nab the latest gadget-turned-status-symbol, I love the idea of wrapping a present in chocolate! The process would probably work just as well on a great book or a DVD of a favorite movie. There are enough pictures at Stefan’s website to inspire your own chocolate-wrapped DIY projects (and a little jealousy). — Katie D.

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Nice! This would be like two presents in one. Very creative!!

Sarah L.

cool, as long as you’re mailing it during winter : )

T Bone

I had this idea years ago. but instead of chocolate i used bbq spare ribs. for some reason my wife didnt think that was too romantic and to this day wont use that suede coach purse i bought her.