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Here are two truths about me and money: One, I never seem to have actual cash on hand (my debit card wears out fast). Two, I would be lost without online banking. Being able to pay bills automatically online is a lifesaver for me (not to mention a late-fee saver). The only thing I don’t like about my bank’s online system is that my husband and I can’t log into our shared account using the same password, and we’re required to each have at least one automatic payment under our own password. So that means I can’t log in and see all of our pending payments at a glance. Well, until now. A friend mentioned that she’d been doing her budgeting using I was a little skeptical about the security as works with your bank account to pull in information, but I’m very intrigued by the reminders, the online budgeting tools, and the fact that I can instantly see where the next payments are coming in and going out and even (gulp) how much debt we have. If you want to read up on the security features and decide for yourself, here are three assessments at Elusive Wealth, Money Ning, and Metafilter. Or check out now. — Mary T.

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My husband has used Mint for a year or more now and he loves it (I guess I do in theory, but I’m afraid I’ve delegated the bill-paying!). In addition to your online banking, you can add in things like your credit cards, student loans, mortgage, 401K accounts, any other savings or investment accounts…You name it. So in one place you can see exactly what you have and what you owe, and set up budgets and targets, etc.


Well I would LOVE mint. If it would work for me. Something about Bank of America in Washington/Idaho messes up a lot of accounts. It seems to be random, but it doesn’t register my credit card. Well mint is pretty much useless without all of my day to day transactions. So I haven’t been able to experience mint in all its glory…maybe someday.


I have been using Mint for almost three years now! (crazy) It’s so great. The only account that doesn’t work for me is my Lending Club loan. There are a couple fussy one’s that I have to refresh every few day manually (BECU) but I still couldn’t live without it.

I also use – free account to check your credit score (I think it’s close, but it will definitely let you know if there’s a big drop)


*close as in not as accurate as going through the real one, but still helpful

I would love it if worked for me and in general it does allow you to see everything (credit cards, different bank accounts, investments, debt etc.) all in once place, which is great. But the one thing that does not handle well is shared credit cards.

My significant other and I have separate bank accounts, use a shared credit card for shared billed/expenses, then each pay half the credit card. has yet to come up with a way to deal with this system despite receiving many comments about the issue.

I wish I could use for budgeting which is what everyone raves about. Despite all this I have used for about 2 years and have no other complaints.