post off: what’s your best craigslist find?


Thrifty Decor Chick has a great sense of style and an enviable knack for finding deals. The vignette she put together above features a lovely dresser-turned-sideboard she scored on Craigslist. Now, Craigslist certainly has its ups and downs — people who flake and never show up to get an item, people who give away an item to someone who beat you to the door by minutes — but I still find myself scouring it every so often for things like outdoor furniture (I’m sitting in a Brown Jordan chair from Craigslist right now) and garden decor. Any Craigslist scores that make you proud? Here’s your chance to boast. — Mary T.

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We got a kitchenaid mixer (4.5 qt) for $100, after trying for MONTHS to get one at that price.

We’ve had it two weeks, and used it at least 2x a week since then.

A pair of McCobb chairs (! My husband and I (and the seller) had no idea they were McCobbs, but I loved them. We got them for about $200, but they’re worth a lot more.

The best score to date from CL was a Paul McCobb desk and chair, end of day post garage sale leftover that was moments away from storage in the backyard. A tremendous deal even after paying to have the set restored.


Last week I found a Louet S17 Spinning wheel for $50, when it usually goes for $330. I wasn’t meaning to add to my craft room, but for that price I just couldn’t say no.


A few months ago I found an almost brand new reel lawn mower for $20. I guess most people wouldn’t think a reel mower is that exciting, but I had really been wanting one for some time. And I love it.


I’ve found everything on Craigslist: great apartments; greater roommates to share the apartment with; even my dog- a mini-dachshund I got off Craigslist 9 years ago from a student who didn’t have the time she thought to take care of a dog. Recently though I’ve been a furniture hunter- found a fantastic solid wood changing table for $40 and one of those super comfy chenille armchair gliders (in perfect condition) for $50. I’ve spent many many many hours in that glider with my son and it just gets comfier!

Sarah L.

Not a frickin’ thing. Every single item I email on — even if it is within less than 12 hours — is gone. Yet the post still stays. Grrrrrrrrrr. I get so jealous/sad/mad when I see great scores like those dressers. Still, I’ll keep trying.

My best craiglist buy was a set of three handmade Arts and Crafts-style chairs. They are beautiful oak: an armless rocker, an armed rocker and a regular armchair with beautiful cutouts on the backs…
The price: 70 bucks for the set. The gods were smiling….


An incredibly beautiful and enormous cedar chest. I’m only up at 6am if I get paged for work, and a few years ago, I was up working on an outage. While waiting for a bunch of things to reboot, I ended up taking a look to see if what trunks people were selling, and scored a beauty for $100. It was built by the owners grandfather in PA, and they had to sell it since they were moving overseas. By the time I picked it up, they had heard from over 100 people who wanted to buy it.

I’d also call my house (rented) of 4 years another craigslist score. Huge with original details and in a neighborhood that sometimes gets sun in the sf summer. It only got better after we chased off the downstairs tenant and had a friend move in.


My Heywood Wakefield find: a long Encore dresser, a tall Encore dresser, and a great sideboard with tambour door combined with a glass-door china cabinet. All that, which is in wonderful condition–used, obviously, but not in need of refinishing–for $600. The sideboard and china cabinet alone goes for more than $1500 on Ebay and other sites. Hee. We bought them from a man cleaning out his parents’ retirement house after they had passed away. These were the pieces he had left, and he wanted the furniture he had grown up with to go to a good home that would love them, not to some Brooklyn dealer who would resell them at a markup. Unfortunately he had already sold other pieces, such as a dining table and dogbone chairs, months before to just such a dealer. Ah well. I did get my table and chairs from another Craigslist seller, but paid more (still quite a bit less than from a dealer, although they’re going to need refinishing sometime soon.)


I got a brand new Jack LaLane juicer for $20 bucks ($110 in stores), a bottom freezer fridge for $200 (normally $600 and up), computer monitors, microwave, mini fridge, etc… sold lots of stuff too fast. On the selling end you just have to be really really firm in what your demands are and not budge.

Oh gosh.

I got my boyfriend on Craigslist. He wasn’t for sale, but I do feel sorry for any previous owners who didn’t realize his worth.

We also got our apartment on CL!

I’m wary of furniture, because the idea of bedbugs terrifies me… but I think if I found something I really liked at a really great price, I might check it out at least. I mean, Craigslist has been good to me so far. :)

2 Rubbermaid crates of vintage 70’s Miniatures for $50. I saw the pic the guy had posted and called, then FLEW to his house, and gave him $60. My dad had a dollhouse shop when I was a kid, I recognized everything in the picture, and knew what each one had originally cost. There were hundreds of things in those boxes, it took months on ebay to sell the miniatures, but I feel great, cause I passed some great bargains along, and made probably 10 or 15 times my money back. It was a once in a lifetime thing.

Amazing roommates/apartments, a boyfriend (long story), pavers, and my most recent score: a 50cc TNG Venice Scooter. Got it for $250, put $50 into it and it runs like a champ, perfect for summer in Seattle!
I’ve also sold several items successfully on CL including a car.


I got a house- a free house! I had a lot that I bought 5 years ago. There was a post for a free house. I responded and got it. i will move the house onto my lot in the next 6 weeks. Saving lots-o-money!


A guy who is selling furniture for a neighbor who got foreclosed sold me 2 Baker Furniture wingback chairs for $75. The guy had a pretty good idea what they were and how much they cost but because they were a little soiled around the armrests, he sold them for cheap for easy buck-o. I spent about double of that to have it professionally cleaned because the fabric is exquisite (not to mention the cost for reupholstery would leave me broke for the next 2 months). The upholstery cleaner gasped at the sight of it, not because they were dirty but because he said they were “pieces of art, real treasures”. After he cleaned my chairs, they looked fabulous, very clean as if they came straight form the showroom. I love these chairs. Next year, I’m hoping to have them re-upholstered in a beautiful fabric from Schumacher because chairs like these deserve the very best.