healthy frozen treat: ikea-pop yogurt-sicles


We have a new favorite summer treat in our house — homemade frozen yogurt treats. I realize this not anything groundbreaking, but their simplicity is stunning. We simply poor some drinkable yogurt into a Midsommar pop maker from Ikea, $2, and freeze. Sometimes we mix it up by combining two flavors. Or when we’re feeling fancy, we’ll make layers by freezing a little juice, then pouring the yogurt on top it. It’s a wonderful way to get an insanely fussy toddler to eat something remotely nutritious, but honestly we love them, too. And the Ikea pop maker is one of the best we’ve tried. Grab one if you can! — Angela M.

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Sarah L.

I needed those last week! Both kids had hand-foot-mouth with insanely painful mouth blisters. No fun. We did a lot of milkshakes and smoothies but homemade yogurt pops would have been a winner.

I am so glad to know about these molds! We have been heavy into homemade popsicles this summer. I make a triple batch and the kids have them every afternoon.
Since I have only 1 set of molds, I have been using small plastic dixie cups. I use them a couple times, and then they bite the dust. It feels wasteful. But I like to make a lot of popsicles at the same time. What to do?
You’ve come to my rescue again. At $2 I can buy a few of these and my problem is solved!
Thanks, Shelteriffic. I Love your blog.
Love from,

These must be a hot item this week! I just posted my popsicle recipe for these here:

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NOM NOM NOM. These are so great! I reseplaceed pop molds a few weeks ago and these are by far the cheapest. Cheap and functional? What’s not to love?