instant clean up: jelloware edible glassware


Planning a summer party? You may be able to save yourself some backyard clean up while saving the planet by using Jelloware! Created by the girls over at The Way We See The World, these cups are made of agar agar, a seaweed extract that actually promotes the growth of plants when discarded. Available in different flavors including ginger-mint, rosemary-beet and lemon-basil, the flavor of each cup can compliment your drink of choice and is designed to be cast to the ground after use. I love the intricate glass cut design and green-thinking, but tell me, would you put them into practice at home? — Sarah C.

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Hmmm. Very cool, and I love the “green” factor, but would holding them in our hot little hands cause them to begin to degrade? I wouldn’t want to make a hole in the side of the glass or have to keep wiping agar agar off my hands. But if they’ll hold up, I’d love to give them a try! Imagine telling your guests, “Oh, just throw the cups in the garden when you’re done…”


And I guess it depends on the price. I can’t imagine that they are inexpensive. I prefer reusable glasses all the time. These might be ok for a special occasion though.

They look super fun and they’d be perfect for out by the pool. No glass rule and the standard plastic cups are getting a lil boring.