before & after: our new kitchen sink



I am so embarrassed by the before photo. Yes, this is the sink that came with our house, a shallow 4 1/2 inches deep, with the cheapest possible fixture that had literally given out. I can’t believe we let it get this bad, but duct tape (sweet duct tape) allowed us to delay getting it fixed until we could take our time and find the right sink and the right faucet. I’d been planning this change for a while, of course, and mentioned I wanted to upgrade to a new faucet in our holiday wish list post, but sometimes life forces these changes upon us. I really wanted to eliminate the wasted space that exists in a double basin, and I desperately needed a nice deep basin to wash my huge cast iron skillets and soup pots. So after looking around at a few local hardware salvage stores and coming up with nothing, we ended up at all places, Home Depot. Lo and behold, they had a lovely 8 1/4 inch deep stainless steel single basin sink for a decent price, and we even found a fixture that was more affordable than my original pick, this one by Glacier Bay. Installation was a breeze, and we actually gained more cabinet space under the sink, in spite of gaining twice the depth. I love the faucet, too, and I’ll even admit I enjoy doing dishes now, which is something I thought would never be possible! — Megan B


Congratulations! what a wonderful feeling. I love the sink choice.

I sadly have the same mainly useless shallow double (did replace the faucet, but really had no way to rationalize new sink) you are my inspiration.

You’ll be so happy after you cook something in a roasting pan…and don’t have to clean it tilted. I’ll never regret going with the deep single bowl.


No embarrassment necessary. I think we all have things like this in our homes that just drag on…at least I know I do.

I dealt w/ that sink in a rental once, so I feel your pain. It’s amazing how a well-deserved upgrade can make the most mundane of tasks enjoyable!

Angela M.

What an amazing before and after! Thanks for sharing… It blows me away what a difference something like a sink can make in your life. Do you miss the split at all?

And… I have to ask, what is that espresso machine on the left? Do tell!

Megan b.

Angela- not at all do I miss the split. A simple plastic tub in the sink can be used to soak soapy dishes if so inclined, like we do in the kitchen I work in.
And, yeah, I was just thinking about doing a post about my sweet Italian lady, since it seems to be a question Im asked about a lot… Stay tuned!