new obsession: spekuloos waffle spread


We moved from NYC to a ‘burbs a couple of months ago, and though we are adjusting marvelously to our new life, we are missing a few of foodie treats from our old hood. One we thought would not be replaced: Our Monday morning visits to the famed Wafel and Dinges truck, for a crispy waffle drizzled in Spekuloos. What is Spekuloos, you ask? We are not sure ourselves, but the best way to describe it as a spread, similar to Nutella, that tastes like fresh cookies. Joy of joys, we learned that the magic stuff is now for sale at Arcadia NYC for $7 a jar. We recently ordered a trio of them, and have been spreading it around on English muffins, toast and frozen waffles. It makes everything taste like a graham cracker. Someday, we’ll step up our game and make our own waffles. First we may need to get one of these. Spread the love! — Angela M.

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This stuff sounds so good. I need to try it soon….

if you even knew how happy you guys just made me…


Because I’ve been dieting, I’ve been resisting the Wafel and Dinges truck, which parks in front of my office on a regular basis. Now I’m going to have to try it, and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT! (Heh.)

Yummy!! My stomach completely growled ready your post!