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If you thirst for real, lived-in design you may have heard of photographer and blogger Todd Selby. If you haven’t, click on over to, his well-edited and superbly photographed homage to the people he finds interesting and the homes they create around themselves. Disinterested in the “rich and boring” and those who’ve paid professionals to create an instant existence, Selby seeks out creative types; artists, designers, intellectuals, writers and actors whose spaces tell their stories genuinely. And people seem to like it. Since its launch in 2008, the curated encyclopedia of hip living has exploded in popularity and inspired a book, The Selby Is in Your Place, packed with the same alluring cocktail of celeb fabulosity and eclectic design uploaded weekly at the site. The New York Times chronicled his process, which concludes with subjects completing a survey in marker that accompanies their moment. For a refreshing break from glossy design titles, The Selby is not to be missed. — Sarah C.

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