strangely appealing: the you stuff it cargo chair


When you just have too much stuff for your bookshelves and closets to contain, get the “You Stuff It Cargo Chair”, by designer Stefan Schulz, and cram it with your overflow. The basic wire structure is designed to be filled with whatever your heart desires. I love the look of the firewood stacked inside, but the rest of the options look far to cluttered for my eye. I wonder about the comfort factor of that wire frame, too…. But I guess If you used enough stuffed animals, it would cushion the blow? — Megan B.

via Curbly

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I don’t find it appealing at all. I hate it, in fact. I’d suggest taking all the stuff to cram into the frame of this “chair”, selling it, and putting the proceeds aside to buy an attractive and comfortable chair instead.

HAHAHAHA that’s great! Crazy cluttery, but great. The stuff people come up with…