post off: how do you get your coffee fix?


A while back we shared our daily rituals, and like many of you, mine involves a good cup o’ joe. Every weekday morning I go downstairs and grab coffee with two coworkers and everyday we hit three (yes, three!) different places for our coffee fixes, because we all have different, non-negotiable tastes when it comes to that morning milestone. And from what I gather, we’re not alone in our strong opinions. One coworker swears by Starbucks, but their regular coffee is too bitter for my taste, though I love their specialty drinks. My sister digs Dunkin’ Donuts, but I only like their iced coffee. When I make it myself, I like to add a dash of cinnamon to the grounds for an extra sultry sip, and a friend adds vanilla extract for a heavenly-smelling kitchen. I’m not generally picky, but when I do have a choice, I take it seriously. How about you? What goes into your perfect cup? — Sarah C.

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hah. from the industrial pot in the office kitchen that has likely never been cleaned.

Making Coffee is my morning ritual. I grind Wholefood’s French Roast bean and use a French Press, what else is there?, to make it. I even warm up the milk

Julianne P.

I go for the overly intense-sounding (but still delicious) Sugar in the Raw. A.K.A. brown sugar….but that all-caps army typeface makes me feel like my coffee is X-TREME


I need cream in my coffee – not regular milk, not skim. Having the cream makes me feel like my morning coffee is a little luxury, and that’s the point of a daily ritual, is it not?

Simone – warming up the milk is a nice touch! Taking a tip from his father, my dad now warms his coffee mug before pouring his coffee in to make sure the environment doesn’t alter the flavor of his brew. Love it!

The best coffee is made at home every morning in my stove top espresso maker, my beloved Bialetti. If that’s what everyone uses in Italy, it has to good, right?
My favorite espresso is Illy, but I also like D’Aquino since it costs half as much and I can get it at Trader Joe’s.
I make a latte with milk and a touch of half and half.
The extra coffee I put in the fridge for an afternoon iced coffee.
My morning isn’t right without my Bialetti. See here:

Sarah – Thanks for the tip..I will try it!

I love putting a big strip of orange peel in the bottom of my mug with 1/2 and 1/2 and sugar, heat it in the micro, then add freshly ground organic Etheopian coffee that I buy here because it goes towards something good. Then I sprinkle some fresh ground nutmeg on top. If I’m feeling super sassy I will add a chunk of VERY dark chocolate and allow it to melt in to make an orange peel mocha. If I have alot of time(which i rarely do) I will froth some nonfat milk for the top.

Funny, I didn’t realize how important my morning coffee was to me until I wrote it down :)

On weekend mornings, when we don’t go to brunch, we make coffee at home — usually Whole Foods’ Breakfast Blend that we grind ourselves. The best smell ever! On weekday mornings, right before I get to the office, I usually stop by Pret a Manger or Marvelous Market and get a dark roast or cappuccino.

I always put cream in my coffee (nothing else will do), and no sugar.

I love French presses, though. We need to get one….

Charlie D

I prefer starbucks over dunkin donuts. Lately I’ve noticed dunkin’s coffee has been tasting like cigarette ashes. All that aside, when i have a coffee in the morning, I like it bold, light with milk, and 2 splenda. In the afternoon, it’s the same story, except I also like a dash of cocoa powder for a nice treat.


My sweet husband gets up every morning before work and makes us lattes with our espresso machine. It’s way less expensive than stopping at Starbucks every day (and we use Starbucks espresso beans at home). But, I only like Starbucks specialty drinks…can’t drink their drip coffee either Sarah! In the Northwest, we have Dutch Brothers drive-thrus and they rock. Cheery people and yummy coffee. :-) One of my favorite quotes is, “With enough coffee, I can do anything.” So true.

Jamie D

If I’m lazy in the morning, which I usually am, I pour whatever is remaining from the daily morning coffee pot into my favorite mug, with cream and several heaping spoonfuls of sugar. I like my coffee light and sweet most of the time, and a little on the strong side. Starbucks caramel macchiatos usually do the trick, and an occasional dunkin donuts hazelnut.

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