strangely appealing: inanimate character stickers

inanimate stickers 1 copy
inanimate stickers 3

I never had that clawing want to be a Disney princess when I was younger but I did wish (upon a star) that my clocks and feather duster would come to life to sing and dance for me a la ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (or maybe, at least, my pen could come to life and finish my homework). That dormant need still lingers and, thanks to the good folks at Think Geek, can be (sort of) realized. The Inanimate Character Stickers anthropomorphize your home and office by adding eyes, mouths, and adorable expressions to your boring desktop staples. I love that there are both good and evil options in the sticker pack ($4.99) in case your water bottle and coffee mug get in a turf war. Check out the loads of hilarious customer action shots for inspiration! — Katie D.

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