nyigf 2010: place pillows from cat studio

ny pillow

New Jersey. The Adirondacks. Transylvania. We all have places we pay homage to in our hearts. But I’m considering taking the love to the couch with one of these bold, embroidered pillows from Cat Studio. Each one highlights the defining features of a location through pictures and places hand-sewn with such detail that creating just one demands a full week! Available for all 50 states, many cities, national parks, international locales and resorts, there’s a pillow for every place you want to remember fondly. That includes you, North Pole. — Sarah C.

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Megan B.

Awesome!! Love these.


me too, love! I first saw them in Maine around 2005, they seem so huge now. The inclusion of North Pole though, makes me doubt if local artists had any hand in these things. :P

I have a San Francisco dish towel from them and specifically requested a New England one as my dog sitting present last month, but the person said they were ugly, and I got a bunch of crap instead. Literally, I threw half of it directly in the Goodwill bin, and is it super bad I put the rest in my trunk and am planning on trying to return it to the Christmas Tree Store locally?

Why do people ask what you want them to bring you if they are going to do what they want anyway. And why buy someone something and transport it all that way when it is like something they can identify from the local cheap store? Grrrr.

I have seen the Canada one before at our local Roots store and wanted it so bad!! I may have to save up because they are just so darn cute!