post off: what’s your favorite “just because” gift?

just because

Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean the most. A big impact little thing? The “just because” gift. I love this gift because it’s unexpected. Not associated with any holiday or event, it’s not “just because tradition states I give you something”, it’s, simply, just because. Because I love you. Because I care for you. Because you looked so incredibly tired that this surprise coffee was non-negotiable. That’s my runner-up at least: the afternoon coffee just because. My favorite? Flowers. Not the fancy, bouquet-with-a-card song and dance, but the farm stand $5 bunch. I love them, but rarely buy them for myself, (unless I’m having a just because I’m awesome moment) and receiving them, or giving them is the shortest route I’ve found to a smile. What about you? Have a favorite gift to give or get, just because? –Sarah C.

From our partners

My husband and I are now empty nesters so baking was pretty pointless. I’m not much of a cook but I can bake some pretty mean cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, etc! However I ended up throwing things out. Not everything freezes well :P Then I realized one of my best friends is in grad school and has no time to bake for her kids and that one of my neighbors’ daughters has cancer and she watches her grandkids when she’s not at the hospital. Now I bake big batches of things and divy up 1/3 for us and to freeze for my son. I wrap up the other thirds in pretty packages and deliver to my friend and my neighbor. They appreciate the treat and I still get to bake! “Just because” they are so special to me is reason enough to drop off goodies :)

My family always makes sure mom has fresh flowers in the house, and every time we come home with some she seems as excited and touched as if we haven’t been doing it for years.

I personally love food-related “just-because” gifts.

Mary T

I love when people get something just because they saw something that made them think of me. Megan B., for instance, on two different occasions ordered me a photo of squirrel and a print of a webbed lawn chair, just because she knows how much I dig both!

Sarah L.

I like passing on books that meant something to me and that I think will resonate with the recipient. Some of the best emails between my Dad and I have been because of this.


Hubby sometimes brings me flowers he’s picked on his drive home (he works an hour away). They’re always pretty and lets me know he’s thinking of me, which is always nice.

Sometimes, he’ll bring me (or us) home a giant cookie from the market. It’s peanut butter with Reeses cups in it. I don’t need the calories, but it sure is tasty.