natural room scent: stargazer lilies


I really should call this “natural house scent.” Our home isn’t very large (about 800 square feet on the first floor, if that) and two big, hairy dogs in summer can give it that not-so-fresh feeling. I’ve definitely done the scented candles and oils thing, but it was a birthday present from my husband that made me realize there was a much prettier alternative. I’ve always adored stargazer lilies, so much so that they were our wedding flowers. Part of their appeal is their strong scent — I’m sure there are those who don’t love it, but I do. Last week, every time I opened the front door, instead of wafting dog I caught the scent of lilies! So when my birthday flowers wilted, I bought the ones you see here for just $5. (We’re blessed with some of the most abundant and inexpensive floral stands around.) I think this could be my new semi-weekly boost. — Mary T.

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Those are beautiful! I love stargazer lilies, too. But unfortunately, they make me sneeze. A lot. So we never have them in our house :(


I would never have thought to bring those into the house.
Beautiful, may have to try it.


Just be sure that you don’t take lilies into homes with cats. Lilies are very poisonous to them and even licking stray pollen off their fur can cause kidney failure.


I love lilies and this is a great idea! However, pet owners (especially cat owners) beware. Lilies are highly toxic to animals, so make sure they’re out of reach of your pets.

Mary T.

Plenty of fragrant alternatives if you have an explorative cat. We don’t have cats anymore (though I’m pretty sure i had lilies once or twice when we did, but ours were pretty old and not good at jumping). Read some guidelines here and you can find non-toxic yet still fragrant flowers: