green find: rebinder office and school supplies


Even in a pretty green workspace — and mine is one — it seems we still use a ton of paper for printing, presentations, and note-taking. But I’ve been working on a project recently where we’re using presentation binders that are made from 100% recycled carboard. The three-ring binders are from ReBinder. They’re surprisingly heavy duty and you can replace the covers and re-use the inner workings if they do start to show some wear. ReBinder has a full line of office and school supplies like folders, CD holders, journals, and even labels that you can buy at their site or find in supply stores like Office Depot. In fact, they have a back-to-school kit ready to go. And all are recycled! What’s even cooler is that I’ve learned while working on my project that the company also partners with groups that provide jobs for developmentally disabled adults. These products really are good all around. — Mary T.

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