i’ve got the blues all over my house


I’ve been seeing a lot of bright blue houses lately, and I like it. Bold, bright, yet somewhat classic, it’s the perfect antidote to the washed out row of white our house currently languishes in. The top photo is my shade of choice, and I liked it so much I went up to the door and asked the owner what the color was (answer: Sherwin Williams Indigo). It’s the perfect blue — bright, but with just enough purple in it to give it depth. I can just imagine it on our 1961 rambler, with crisp white trim and a bright marine orange front door. Oh yeah. Unfortunately, my other half isn’t feeling the bold blue so much… yet. I’m working towards a compromise: a more steely-navy blue (I haven’t door-knocked yet to inquire about the exact shade) as pictured in the second photo. It’s still bold, and will be sure to pop with my aforementioned accents of marine orange and white. What do you think? Is the bright blue route too bold a choice, or is it one you’d like to see on your street? — Megan B.

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I love it! Both are nice, but the top shade of blue requires a lot of white trim so as not to look cartoonish. The bottom shade is a better choice if you don’t have lots of trim.

What is marine orange, though?

I would love that on my house!!! My door is the bright purplish blue (red brick house) with orange wicker (think 60’s style) chairs. I love it. I say Go Big or go home! Is your hubs like mine and always wants to wash out my color choices and ideas a bit? He wants me to tone things down, then when I do he admits it would be better bolder. I end up doing things twice most of the time but at least I get my way :)


I’m not too fond of the bottom shade, it looks like a compromise. I would prefer either grayer or more blue. There are a few similar houses in my neighborhood that look nice in a much darker almost steel-navy.

I like the bright blue a lot, but I don’t know about it with any sort of orange, even the terracotta’s look bold against that blue, maybe a daffodil (hah, wonder where I got that shade?) door instead? Marine orange would look awesome with gray.


I don’t even like blue and I love this idea. So fun! I especially like the idea of adding pops of orange. Yum.

I love this idea. That blue on that top house is fantastic. And with an oragne door (and the white trim) — perfect! It would feel so fresh and make any architectural features on your house really stand out. I wish I could help you convince your SO to go with it!


I love them both, but the more vivid color in the top photo is my favorite. I live in a city where everything seems to be either beige brick, red brick, or concrete color. I miss living in places where folks paint their homes in more vivid shades!


The Blue would look just great… But a bright orange door will show off your lack of taste! Burgundy door at most. Do not try to fight the great colour you picked for the body by adding a bright ugly splash of colour! Ugh!


Although the top blue is fabulous, a word of warning– brighter shades don’t tend to fare well outdoors. The pigments used to make bright blue, red and yellow have very low UV resistance and will fade much quicker than a more muted shade, thereby requiring a lot more maintenance and repainting to retain that crisp blue shade you started with. Because the more toned-down blues use other pigments, they tend to hold up better.

Having said all that, I still adore the brighter shade and think it would totally be worth the upkeep!

There was a house on the street where I grew up that was covered in ho-hum neutral siding, until a family moved in and painted it bright blue. We called it the Blockbuster house, because if they’d added some yellow accents, I would have mistakenly gone there to rent a movie. When they moved out, the new owners put up pale yellow siding, which was decidedly softer on the eyes. I think that if our neighborhood had had a different vibe, it *might* have worked, but now I’m so averse to such a color on a house, I may never fully appreciate it!


Love the blue. The second photo looks like a Cadet Blue, and has starting popping up in my neighborhood recently. Love it!

Megan B.

Glad most of you guys are in my corner! I’ve been reporting the overwhelming support to my husband, and it may be helping sway him a bit…

And I define “marine orange” as the color of old life jackets, if that helps. I may be into the nautical vibe a bit too much, methinks.

And @ Julie- I agree about the Blockbuster-ish vibe that I get from some bright blue houses (one right down the street from me, for example), but the above photo just seems to have enough purple to mellow it up for me. So pretty.


I like the top color blue, I just wish they hadn’t painted the porch bricks, it’s too much bright blue. They should have painted the porch another color, that bright blue is great but is overwhelming without trim in another color(s). I also like the second house. My husband and I are thinking of staining our cedar shakes in a sort of French blue, but they’re dark already so we’ll see how they turn out.

I do like orange doors, but I think a pumpkin shade might be better. One of the most gorgeous houses I know is stained nearly black with a pumpkin front door. I’m planning on do a creamy yellow on our front door.


Love the bright blue, but personally, I would paint my front door apple green!

Mary T

Coutch, that’s not really called-for. There’s a house near us with this very combination and it looks AMAZING. The orange door makes the whole house. And hell, a door is a lot easier to repaint! I say go for it.

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