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I have to be honest: I will forever be mourning the loss of Domino magazine. There will always be a place in my heart for the title, and until further notice, real estate reserved in my closet for my back issues. In its absence I’ve enjoyed Lonny, and starting now there’s a new kid in town. Today reportedly marks the launch of Rue, a new online shelter title that promises to provide “your pathway to stylish living”. Helmed by Founder/Editor-in-Chief Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate, the title is sure to be a new source of inspiration for home décor, and I for one am excited to dive in.

Change is also afoot at Lonny, where plans to launch a more user-friendly site will go into effect this week. New features will include a blog and the option to purchase Lonny in print! Retailing in the $30 – $40 range, the print editions are a tad pricy for my magazine budget, but a great option for readers (like me) who still value flipping through a hard copy. Click over to the Neo-Traditionalist for the whole scoop.

What do you say, readers? Do you read online décor magazines? Anyone planning on buying Lonny in print? – Sarah C.

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Lissette S

It seems like nothing has ever, or will ever, replace Domino. I still regularly flip through my hoarde of back issues (I have every single one!!) whenever I need decorating inspiration.


Yes, I still mourn Domino as well.

Hmm, $30 and up is a tad much for print, but I miss Domino so much that I may be willing to shell out for Loony.

And talk about a timely post, I just discovered this new mag this morning:

“Anthology is a new print magazine—yes, print!—focusing on décor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture. Joy D. Cho, of the Oh Joy! blog and studio, serves as the Market Editor.”

Sounds promising! I would love a new print decor mag or two to subscribe to.


AH! Amazing find, tyna! Thanks for sharing – I love Oh Joy! And I agree – I don’t know if I will succumb to the print edition’s price, but I do wish I had another decor title in hand. For me, there was no guiltier pleasure. Woe.

You’re welcome sarah! I feel silly for being so giddy over this news, but I awoke without a single print decor mag in my life and now I might have two. Life is good!

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