five things we learned last week


1) The debate on storm and screen doors leaves us dissatisfied. Mary T. is looking for a stylish storm door or an efficient screen door, and many of you are right there with her. Pencils says: “I love wooden screen doors–and we need to replace the ugly storm door that came with the house on our front door. We actually have two very attractive wooden screen doors on our screened porch, I adore them. My husband really wants something energy efficient though, while I want something attractive. Are there energy efficient wood doors out there??” Well, are there?

2) Many of you love the look of barley twist tables. Sarah L. shared her new obsession and you agree. Ellie says: “That picture is fantastic, the colors, the patterns mix, the twisty legs. Love. How dare you teach me a new word (barley) and instill so many new wants at once, grrr…” See Sarah’s findings here.

3) Our readers are crafty costume designers! Katie D. asked about DIY costume creation and you were not short on ideas. Marcy says: “Last year I went as Fay Wray (King Kong) and made a giant gorilla hand out of paper mache, balloons, cardboard and spray painted it black. Then I attached faux fur for the wrist and made it look like the hand was picking me up. I was very pleased with myself, but most people thought I was Naomi Watts.” What was your best homemade Halloween costume?

4) The bathroom is the perfect place for comic relief. And the Goldfish Heaven Bath Plug may be just the thing. Jennifer says: “I literally laughed out loud. Cute!”

5) When it comes to staying in a vintage trailer, we’ve got options. Friday’s blogwatch took us to Casasugar and the El Cosmico Hotel, where you can rent trailers or even teepees for your stay. And there’s more where that came from. Sherri S. says: “If you want to stay in your choice of vintage trailers, I highly recommend the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. So fun! Bisbee itself is fun, too…art cars, hiking, and the Copper Queen mine tour. Check it out: (And no, I don’t work for the Bisbee tourism board…just a tourist who likes to find offbeat adventures!).” Angela M. has also reported on Santa Fe’s Ten Thousand Waves, where you can rent an Airstream for the night.

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