halloween diy: knight in shining milk jug


Here’s a quick and inexpensive Halloween costume for little ones. All you need is an empty milk jug, a can of silver spray paint, a Sharpie and 10 squares of felt. Total cost? $6.50. To make the knight’s helmet, simply cut the jug, making sure the handle is on the front to form the nose piece. (I placed my finish helmet on top of another empty jug for reference). After you’ve cut the shape, sand edges lightly, spray paint and use a Sharpie to draw a design. For the knight’s tunic, sew four pieces of felt together for each side, then lay a kids t-shirt on top to form the basis of the pattern, cutting it at least one-inch larger. Bonus: Since felt doesn’t ravel, you can cut to size without added seaming. Next pick a design for the crest (I drew an outline of a T-rex) and machine or hand stitch it to the tunic. Add simple side ties for easy on and off and you’re done! The milk jug helmet should fit kids up to about age six. With a little modification, it would also make a great robot head or, if sprayed green and black, the perfect topping for a pint-sized Frankenstein. — Sarah L.

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