my pin-tuck problem


Have you ever had your eye on an item for your home that you’ve lusted after for a while, but have resisted buying because of one or two nagging reservations? I have. For me, that item is West Elm’s organic pin-tuck duvet cover and sham set. I love everything about it: the texture, the simplicity of it, the details, the crisp, clean, cuddled-up vibe it gives off, the swish sound it makes when you move it, I mean, really, this is me granting full disclosure into my bedding fantasy. It reminds me of everything good about Saturday morning and I want it to be mine. But, and there is always a but, I have reservations, and for once, they have nothing to do with price. First, I’ve heard from multiple friends to avoid pin-tuck duvets because the stitching eventually pulls, betraying the signature shape. Woe! Second, in my dream bedroom, I have this set in white, and if that’s not completely unrealistic, I don’t know what is. I also don’t know what my second choice color would be. The set has been wooing me for a while and is still available, but I’m still torn on multiple points. What do you think, readers? Are white duvets absurd? Is pin-tuck a problem? Do you have a similar story about something for the home? Share in comments! — Sarah C.

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I have the white voile pintuck quilt from Pottery Barn and it’s still going strong three years later. White is great because it’s bleachable if necessary although I find oxyclean works fine for most things. I haven’t had a problem with my stitching and I’m sure the voile material on my quilt is not as sturdy as the West Elm version. I would buy this quilt again in a heartbeat.


I have the pintuck set it white and I’m been very happy. I’ve washed both the shams and duvet a few times and the white remains white and washes beautifully. I have not had a problem with stitches pulling but I could see it being an issue if you tuck the bottom of the duvet between the foot board and mattress and then yank the duvet up.

My first thought was that I could also see the duvet coming apart and becoming a blob but then I read the comments and those two seem to think it holds. I think it would all depend on if the fabric has enough body and if the stitches are really well done and secure. You just never know. A friend once told me “If you really love it, you’ll get the enjoyment out of it before it wears out, so buy it.” Three years is a pretty good run for a duvet.


I also have the pintuk duvet from westelm and have been very happy with it so far (~2 years). I’ve washed it with no problems. The only time it pulls is when I’m sitting/laying on it and my husband trys to yank the covers over to his side of the bed. Despite the pulls it still looks great.


I have the West Elm pintuck in cream, from about 2 1/2 years ago. I do hear a rip occasionally if we tug the duvet too hard, but I don’t actually see any damage ever. I wash mine every few weeks (because we have a big labradoodle who has free reign of our bed) and it’s held up great. The only downside if you’re picky about wrinkles is it’s hard to iron. But that wouldn’t be enough reason for me to change to a different one – I love it.


I have this duvet in cream and I love it! Like Stephanie said, I do hear a thread snap now and then but no damage shows. The fabric this duvet is made of is certainly heavy enough to stand up to wear and tear.

i have the West Elm organic pintuck in white.
1) yes, they rip. i’m SO bummed. i don’t sit on my bed anymore if it’s made. sad.

2) i’m ok with the white. so far, so good! i love how it looks. check it out here:

i’ve been thinking about a blog post on how to mend the pintucks that have ripped, but i haven’t figured it out yet.


I have the West Elm pintuck duvet cover in white. In fact, I don’t even put a duvet in it — I just use it as a coverlet. The stitching has loosened a little, but it still looks good. Be aware, though, that once you’ve washed it, the pleats won’t be as sharp as shown in the picture.

Oh, I guess I am in the super minority!

I have the West Elm pintuck duvet in blue. It is just beautiful but the pintucking is SO delicate that just adjusting it over my bed will cause threads to snap.

Like, trying to pull it slightly to one side while I’m making my bed will bring up a chorus of snaps, and I have several small holes in spots where the pintucking was. Never mind ever trying to climb on top of my bed to read a book or something.

It’s making it lose its shape in places and… well, it just makes me really angry. I was so excited about the damn thing and it wasn’t exactly cheap and every time I hear a thread snap, I feel like I might snap myself.

Additionally, the pintucked spots are a little rough/coarse so if you DO like to climb on top of your made bed to do a little relaxing/reading (I can’t possibly be the only one?) it’s not very comfortable.

There is one on Anthropologie that has ribbons over the sewing ( that looks like it might solve the problems, but it’s got a different look to it.

I had never wanted a pintuck duvet cover until now. OH MY GOSH it’s so pretty!
Maybe when I get my big-girl-bed I’ll spring for one. I hope I’m in the group that does not have problems with threads snapping.


I must echo Melissa’s frustration. My West Elm pin-tucked duvet has been in use for about 17 months now and from the very first time I put it on my bed I have sporadically heard snaps of pin-tucks coming undone. The only way to make the bed without pulling a pin-tuck is to not have your bed up against a wall (i.e. in a corner) and move it very slowly across the bed, pulling only the under side (non-pin-tucked side) of the duvet cover. Still I have tiny holes where some pin-tucks have pulled loose. And, as Melissa explained, laying on top of the duvet is uncomfortable since the pin-tucks are pretty rough.

I still love the overall look. I am contemplating the DKNY Willow duvet cover as an eventual replacement. You can see it here:
It has ruched pleats which might hold up better, but it is considerably more expensive than the West Elm pin-tucked duvet and it’s not organic cotton. Does anyone have this? I am curious about how durable it is and how it feels under bare legs.

Angie W.

I also have a white duvet cover and haven’t had a single problem with it. I even have 2 cats and thought the constant afternoon naps would cause it to get dingy, but I see no problems. Plus the white makes me think of big fluffy cotton balls and I just love melting into my bed and falling into dreamland. It’s heavenly :)


I have had the white duvet cover from west elm for about 9 months, and i’m so disapointed! It was quite expensive and has not held up as I hoped. As some other commenters have indicated, the pintucking snaps if you tug on the duvet – even if the pull is ever so slightly. I will say that I have had no problems getting it clean, but I’m heartbroken that it needs replacing after only 9 months. Sorry west elm, but I’ll have to find another place to buy my next duvet!


I have this exact duvet from West Elm in white. So far so good, and I have not noticed any rips in the pintucks when I make my bed or sit on it. I actually lie on top of it all the time, and it’s fine. Just don’t put things with parts that would catch, i.e., a belt or something that would cause the pintucks to pull. I agree w/ others’ statements that white is easy to clean if it gets dirty. So far, I have not had any issues with it getting dirty. I love it! I didn’t get the matching Euro shams b/c I thought it would be too much pintuck; I like to mix up my bedding anyway to give it a more unique not so matchy-matchy look. Good luck!


Good news: Target has a similar comforter, and it comes in white! It’s called the “Home Kissing Pleat Comforter Set”.

If you want to go the other direction on the price scale, Anthropologie has some truly beautiful options.

Wow – what a great post, and I love reading everyone’s comments in regards to the West Elm option. I, too, have coveted the pin-tuck duvet since I saw it on a West Elm catalog cover, but was a little put off by the price. I have since listed (and received) a Liberty of London duvet cover on our wedding registry, but a little part of me still craves the pin-tuck look. I am now wary, however, thanks to all of the comments about the threads pulling and/or ripping. The pin-tucks are what I love about this particular duvet cover, and if they’re that fragile, I think I’d be better off with a different option.


Another vote for “I’ve heard some pulls but haven’t noticed a problem.” Going into my second year of having the cover and I love it. My main complaint is that the size doesn’t match any down comforter I’ve ever seen EXCEPT the ones that West Elm sells, of course, so there is definitely some issues with the down blanket shifting inside the cover. I haven’t found a duvet cover I like better, though!


That having been said, I would vote for duvet cover only, not pillow shams – those aren’t what I’d want to rest my head on!


I’ve been lusting after the CB2 Gion organic bed linens since they came out, but I can not bring myself to buy them as tons of reviewers say the duvet wrinkles horribly. It’s a duvet, not a dress shirt, and I can’t bring myself to get the iron out over bed linens. I just can’t.

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I have the pintuck duvet in white and I have been so disappointed. Between my husband and my beagle, this duvet didn’t stand a chance. Within at least six months the duvet had lost all shape and the rips are visible holes. I am so sad because I was so in love with this duvet.


I am so glad to read this. I am ready to order the West Elm set finally and now am scared to! I even seplaceed all over the place to find a perfectly sized insert and have for the king:
108 x 92. Now, I am thinking of starting over again!


I’ve been looking at this duvet cover for awhile now. I also wanted it in white but, I’m now nervous about the pin tucks tearing. There’s something very romantic about the look.

I’m also imadly n love with Bella Notte’s Whisper Linen duvet cover but, it’s so far out of my price range, especially since I’m just beginning to redecorate my apartment. But, if you really want to splurge, Bella Notte makes lovely, washable linens. If you want to be tempted, just go to Bella Notte’s website but, prepared to drool and hate me for sending you there ;)

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I have the white pintuck duvet cover from west elm and I absolutely hate it. Looks nice but rips every time I move it.

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I got this duvet in grey. I actually did a blog post on it as part of my bedroom makeover and it’s only been a few months and I’m sad to say…the quality is horrible. I hear a pintuck rip whenever my husband or I move or make the bed and it’s caused a few holes! It’s in need or replacement after less than 6 months! :(


Love this with a much higher thread count to West Elm and still affordable. 230TC vs. 400? Yes, Please.


Thank you so much for all of your posts! I, too, have been in love with this duvet in cream for quite some time. It’s on sale (not much) right now and I was about to pull the trigger. There are no reviews on west elm’s site so I was happy to find this. I’m disappointed that it won’t last but am thankful for the info so I didn’t waste the money. The seplace continues! Thanks!


Just purchased the pictuck in feather grey and love the look of it. however, you have to be careful when you are putting the duvet/shams on. can’t pull the corners as you would normally because it will rip. my husband was changing the sham and one of the pleats came undone. however, now we know and will not be as rough. we haven’t had problems yet with just sleeping on it/under it. we shall see. pottery barn has a pintuck quilt called the isabelle. it looks sturdier than the duvet but is quite expensive (~$200 for the queen).


Boy….I too wanted this pin tuck soooooooooo bad….Ordered it for our winter home in Charcoal….Love it…..Ordered it in sea green for our summer home…………….HATE IT….MATTER OF FACT…SENDING IT BACK. Only used 5 months out of the year… is soooooooooooooooo faded from natural light…..Never again! Maybe white is ok…but green…………….no way. And yes you have to be careful of the pulling stitching out….no tugging on it…ever!


I too have loved this pinduvet cover for a long time…i have looked on the internet and found it for a cheaper price at numerous places. As for the hubby is a construction worker/nerd…so white is not for me! I think it would be worth buying at a cheaper price. It will last for a while and still feel nice and swoosh lol :)


This picture was so beautiful I too fell in love, I also found just what I was looking for at Crane and Canopy. It is a pretty reputable company so I am not worried about the quality at all. I am so excited that they have a dove-grey colour which will be so pretty in my bedroom.

If I have any problems with it I will definitely follow-up with another post. Thanks for the inspiration.


Hi everyone,
So the pin-tuck duvet arrived (It came with a hand-written thank you card from Crane and Canopy employee Brittany and a sachet of lavender). I must agree with Chaaron and Kristin on this thread, if you’re thinking about getting a new duvet and you’re not a gentle sleeper this type of duvet cover may not be right for you. I’ve had the duvet cover 1 week and I definitely do hear some pulls and tugs while I sit down on the bed, or kneeling on it to get some pillow that fell off will also cause it to pull. It looks great, and I am happy with it. There are no tears but I don’t think this is an investment that will hold up for more than a couple years.