nomskulls: for zombie cupcake lovers


Even zombies like a little cake now and then — that’s why the folks at Fred designed these creepy Nomskull cupcake molds. Made of oven-safe silicone, these skull-shaped cupcake molds are designed to be filled with your favorite cake batter (red velvet would be awesome), baked, and piped with brainy buttercream (recipe & technique provided). They’re of course perfect for Halloween, but I can see them working year-round as ghoulish candy dishes or tumblers for your zombified festivities. Find them at Perpetual Kid for the bargain price of $11.99 for four. –Megan B.

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LOL! Hilarious!

those are great!


Wouldn’t these be terrific for an older boys Indiana Jones birthday party. The money brains in temple of doom always gets me.

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