my version of martha stewart’s slithering wreath


It’s not often that I feel compelled to create one of MSL’s “Good Things,” but when the October issue landed at our house, I fell in love with this creepy Halloween wreath idea. The project is simple enough: Pick up a twig wreath at Michaels. Spray paint it black, and then glue some creepy crawlies onto it. (The magazine suggested using florist wire to twist them on, but a glue gun works okay, too). Martha’s was focused on snakes exclusively, but I branched out (pun intended) and added some spiders, rats, bats and bugs (all found at a Dollar Store). I am pretty pleased with the results, and plan on packing it away to use year after year. Coming soon: A spooky, cob-web covered porch. Stay tuned! — Angela M.

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Sarah L.

Love it! I’m with you on not being often compelled to tackle one of her “Good Things.” When I do, it’s usually not as easy as she made it sound. I tore this out but haven’t shopped for it yet. Hopefully I can get it done over the weekend while spray paint weather lasts.

Awesome, Angela! I think I may stop by the Dollar Store this afternoon. . .

ooh, that was the decoration i loved from oct’s issue too…great minds! you did such a fabulous job on it! i’m thoroughly impressed :)

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