kinda genius: envelope template


In a world full of status updates, Tweets, and quick texts fired off underneath tables at boring meetings, a bona fide signed-sealed-delivered letter is downright luxurious. The Spoon Sisters are leading the fight to bring back the handwritten note with their envelope template ($16.95). Trace the simple wooden template on to some beautiful paper and you have a unique message that feels much more satisfactory than “liking” a status (I promise). Gather some pen pals, take a trip to your local stationery store, and get cracking on those handwritten love notes. — Katie D.

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I love this idea. I’ve tried to make my own envelopes before and it’s such a pain in the rear.
My grandma and I write periodic letters back and forth, and I wrote my fair share of letters to marine boot camp this summer. I felt so very old-school.
Oh, OH, and do you know that they’ve stopped teaching cursive in school?? Crazy, I know.

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[…] and my mental TGIF celebration as been interrupted by an impromptu swoonfest over Katie D.’s envelope template find (my DIY envelopes are always a sorry sight, so much for those origami classes!). So, I’m having […]


love it. my envelope-making skills are tragic.