five things we learned last week


1) Nomskulls are not just for Halloween. You loved these creepy cupcake molds, and can find ways to repurpose them, too. Heather says: “Wouldn’t these be terrific for an older boys Indiana Jones birthday party? The money brains in temple of doom always get me.”

2) Baking bread reminds us of fall. Katie D.’s orange cranberry pecan bread had some fans with tasty enhancements. Rebecca says: “Oh how I love fall … and I can smell this bread already! Whenever I make bread using dried fruit like raisins, cranberries, apricots, etc., I sometimes let the fruit soak for a few minutes in boiling water to help rehydrate it. The addition of this water helps it stay a little moister when toasting, and also seems to make the fruit burst with flavor when you bite into it. Happy fall, folks!”

3) Liquid or bar soap? You’ll take both. While opinions vary, many of you prefer liquid at the sink and bar for the shower. Fanny says: “I like liquid soap for hands and bar soap for the shower. For some reason, I’ve experienced many more issues with the scum at the sink than the shower.” What’s the soap situation at your house?

4) Envelope stencils are a welcome help for our handwritten note habit. Jennifer says: “I love this idea. I’ve tried to make my own envelopes before and it’s such a pain in the rear.
 My grandma and I write periodic letters back and forth, and I wrote my fair share of letters to marine boot camp this summer. I felt so very old-school.
 Oh, OH, and do you know that they’ve stopped teaching cursive in school?? Crazy, I know.”

5) Martha Stewart’s Slithering Wreath is a winner, and Angela’s version has its own fans! Shoppingsmycardio says: “Ooh, that was the decoration I loved from oct’s issue too…great minds! You did such a fabulous job on it! I’m thoroughly impressed.” See it here.

In photo: Yoola wire pendant lamp

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