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Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall — but when I’m rising for work and it’s still dark outside, I’m not exactly shining. One thing I’m hoping will help get me out of bed and over to the espresso machine with ease is a new alarm clock. A new alarm clock that looks old. Urban Outfitters has a promising 70’s alarm clock with a retro color palate and funky font. Reviews say it has a loud alarm (which is good because I’m a heavy sleeper), and at $19, it’s a bargain, and portable, too! Twemco‘s flip clocks (pictured above) take me back to my childhood and my parents’ loud and gigantic alarm clock, but have ten times the style. Find a variety of models and prices on eBay. I’ve always wanted one of L.L. Bean’s classic Big Ben Moonbeam clock, available in five shades, including a new Dove Gray shade (yum!) and have heard the flashing light alarm is a gentle yet effective method of waking up — can anyone chime in with their own experience? — Megan B.

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I used to have a Big Ben Moonbeam clock from LL Bean and I did like the light; however, I found the flashing light annoying. I would like to try a clock with a light that gradually gets brighter – I think that would work better for me. I’ve even seen clocks where you can plug in your own lamp. I will say the Big Ben looks cool and has a loud alarm if the light doesn’t wake you up!


I love the flip, but sometimes they are noisy during the flipping.
Also loud clocks are a frightening way of waking up.
I wanted the LL Bean moonbeam but when I went to the store it seemed so cheap, flimsy or something; I want the heft that it appears to have.
In a turn of perversity I have had the IKEA alarm in grey for about 6 years and I can’t believe how much I love it.
Battery operated, and invisible and silent in the dark. One big button that serves as either the light or the snooze, and you can record the voice of a loved one to coax you out of bed or just a voice reminder to yourself why you wanted to get up so early. I even use the default beep, and then usually grab the thing because it is so light and sleep another ten minutes or so with the clock itself clutched down in my cold hands of morning denial.


I own the Big Ben clock, and it’s pretty much just for show. The alarm seems to work only 50% of the time. I’ve read other numerous complaints about this clock. Too bad, because it looks great!


I have the Moonbeam clock, in a blue shade they don’t seem to carry anymore. It’s my second, the first, in the original ivory tone, got, uh, violently knocked off the night table one morning when the alarm particularly surprised me. Anyway, I really like waking to the flashing light, it’s so much less violent (see above) than a bell or loud noise. Which the Moonbeam does have if you don’t get your ass out of bed quickly enough. My problem with the Moonbeam is that the face is SO bright all the time it can keep me up. I used to keep a cloth napkin on top of it, not kidding. The flashing light still woke me. I don’t bother with the napkin now after a year of sleeping with a light on while sharing my room with a baby who didn’t like the dark.

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