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While we love our little Northwest rambler, I can’t help but be sad that our original fireplace had to be removed because of earthquake damage 10 years ago (long before we owned it). The winters can be rough up here, and our entire house is electric-powered. That means if the power goes out during a big winter storm (which it is known to do), we either have to bust out a generator (and get a generator, as well) or shiver under layers of blankets and sleeping bags. We NEED a fireplace. Badly. I love the indoor stove Erica mentioned last year, but I can’t find anything else about it. So after spotting a mention of this portable fireplace at Not Martha, I decided to Google “affordable modern ventless fireplace”. And what did I come across? Anywhere Fireplaces: where the ventless fireplaces range from $100-$400. I really like the Chelsea (pictured above), and at $349 with free shipping, it’s a mere fraction of the cost of a similarly styled Blomus Chimo fireplace. See more great modern free standing and tabletop fireplaces at their site. I for one, can’t wait to snuggle up with some hot cocoa in front of one soon! — Megan B.

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Do those actually give off much heat, though? It’s a flame, so obviously it’s hot but it sort of seems more like a big candle. Very cool looking though.

@suswhit- I was wondering the same thing! does anyone have one? can somebody vouch for the heat it gives out?

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Yes-ventless fireplaces give off lots of heat, and are convenient and inexpensive. but do some reseplace….these are very unhealthy, especially for those with respiratory problems!

Pamela Taylor

Why r elec. fireplaces unhealthy