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I realize that it may be considered too early in the season for this, but as someone who may be single-handedly fueling the hot cocoa industry in this country, I have something to share. As the days grow colder, I’ve been seriously considering upping my game when it comes to cold weather drinkware, and I’ve identified my next purchase. I saw these spoon coffee mugs, $3.95 each at CB2, as I was pulling the catalog out of my mailbox and I am going to make them mine. Perfect for coffee, hot cocoa or tea, the spoon holster doubles as a handle while keeping used spoons off the table and at the ready. I’ll definitely be snagging a few for some friends who share my cocoa obsession. One reviewer even suggested dipping the spoons in chocolate and gifting them with hot cocoa packets. Santa, are you taking notes? – Sarah C.

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This is BRILLIANT. I hate when the spoon clanks around in my cup while I’m drinking out of it, but I don’t want to put it on the table and make a mess. And I feel like the handle makes the cup a tad more spill-proof than some other mugs I have…it’s an all-around win!


I’m dubious about this design. You could serve your beverages with the spoon in the slot, saving you from having to carry them separately, but after you stir putting the spoon back in there will result in whatever beverage dripping down into that cylinder. How are you going to clean out that cylinder? Plus, with the head of the spoon sticking up, couldn’t it end up poking you in the eyes as you take a sip? I also think that cylinder as a handle could result in some burnt knuckles as you hold your hot beverage. Let us know if they really do work well.

Okay, so I might amend my post…I had the same thought about the burnt knuckles later that day, and then when I looked it up, I saw that they’re only 7 ounces! I can never only drink 7 ounces of coffee! These might be good for “hot shots,” where you add a little of your favorite flavored liquor to coffee or hot chocolate ;]

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