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Picture this: It’s Friday morning and my mental TGIF celebration as been interrupted by an impromptu swoonfest over Katie D.’s envelope template find (my DIY envelopes are always a sorry sight, so much for those origami classes!). So, I’m having the best midmorning ever when, over on Twitter, a chic little bird by the name of CasaSugar Tweets about a way to personalize and send a vintage-style telegram for just $6.  This is one glimpse of heaven worth re-sharing. Telegram Stop is a wonderful website that allows you to deliver modern day sentiments by way of authentic-looking telegram. Simply type out your message and they’ll add the STOPs in the appropriate places and send your ‘gram for the low price of $5.65 national or international, from any country. A crafty (and instant!) alternative to your everyday drugstore card, these might be just the thing to announce your next event or milestone, with bulk rates to match. Visit the site to learn more, and be sure to stop by the “Stumped?” section for tips on making your note sound more last-century. – Sarah C.

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love and bookmarked! Such a fun idea.

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