steal these ideas from the palihouse hotel




I had the pleasure of staying in a new hotel in West Hollywood during a business trip the other week. The only problem with it: the cozy chic decor was constantly distracting! I kept looking around at perfectly placed found objects, creatively framed art and casually tossed pillows thinking, what can I learn from this place? A few things immediately came to mind: First off, forget mid century — go turn-of-the-century! Apothecary bottles, farming tools, industrial stools where sprinkled everywhere with surprising allure. Each room featured a large framed collection of Polaroids. ( I am guessing they are by a well-known artist but I can’t tell you who.) Another touch I loved was in the bathroom. The mirror had an ornamental flourish added to just one corner. Perhaps by a designer (anyone know?) but easy enough to replicate with the right flea market find, don’t you think? I am not the first blogger to become dazzled by the Palihouse’s interior: Check out this post at Elements of Style for more photos. Click here to see the Palihouse’s site, and next time you’re in Los Angeles, definitely swing by for a cocktail in their open courtyard. — Angela M.

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I saw this on Elements of Style – Love the polaroid board! This looks amazing – what a treat!