five things we learned last week


1) It’s the perfect time of year for cranberry apple slow cooker cider. Katie D. replicated a cider recipe sampled on an apple-picking sojourn, and you’ve got the apples and the mind to give it a go. Megan B. says: “I’m planning on making my own fresh cider tomorrow — 10 + lbs of homegrown apples from a kind benefactor! I’ll have to freeze some of my bounty and use this recipe!”

2) Telegrams are making a comeback. CasaSugar tipped us off to a way to send vintage-style telegrams, and we’re ready to shake up our snail mail. Cathy says: “Love and bookmarked! Such a fun idea.”

3) We have some fans of Cornish ware. Sarah L.’s post on Irish Colcannon from Tyler’s Ultimate garnered her praise for her taste in both the food and the dishware in her photo. Pencils says: “I love Cornish ware too, my sister has a collection at her vacation house. I love the glaze on the regular dishes, it has such a great hand feel to it, if that makes any sense. And the color is just amazing.”

4) You’re divided when it comes to shoe rules. When Sarah C. asked about your shoe strategy, she was drawing a clear line in the sand! Some of you back strict “shoes-off” policies at home, while others hate them. DJ says: “I hate removing my shoes in other people’s homes. Just hate it. The worst was when we went to a holiday party one year in a home with unheated concrete floors. I thought my feet were going to get frostbite just sliding around in nylons. I was so uncomfortably cold that I left early. I mean come on. The floors were made of concrete! They could handle the shoes”. Meanwhile, on team barefoot, Jennifer says: “I much prefer to be barefoot, so I kick mine off as soon as I get inside the house- my home or anyone else’s. 
I had the opposite experience of DJ. It never occurred to me that some might find that rude until once I offended someone by taking my shoes off!” Where do you stand?

5) A good vintage alarm clock is hard to find. Megan B. kicked off her seplace for one with her handy roundup of finds. After mentioning her lust for L.L. Bean’s Big Ben Moonbeam clock, she received some helpful feedback: you aren’t fans! Petra says: “I own the Big Ben clock, and it’s pretty much just for show. The alarm seems to work only 50% of the time. I’ve read other numerous complaints about this clock. Too bad, because it looks great!”

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