new obsession: secret stash sea salts


It’s my favorite time of year: roasting season! The one where you turn on the oven and let the heavenly aromas of roasted vegetables permeate your home. Most nights, lately, I’ve been heating up the oven, tossing squash, broccoli, brussels sprouts — you name it — with olive oil and some salt on a sheet pan, and letting the oven work its caramelizing magic. The salt I’ve been using makes ALL the difference, though: sea salt blends from Secret Stash.  A small, Seattle-based artisan producer of flavored salts, Secret Stash makes their uniquely-flavored sea salts in small batches, without preservatives, caking agents, or artificial flavors. Chorizo salt (my favorite) sprinkled over eggs or potatoes is something magical, and makes anything taste like Spain. Truffle salt on popcorn? Or Fries? Or as part of your Thanksgiving marinade? Outrageous. Order them here, where you’ll also find great recipes and other imaginative flavors such as coconut garam masala and Nicoise olive. –Megan B.

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Love the Secret Stash salts!

Hi Megan,

Thank you for the lovely post. I’m so glad that the salts are making a difference in your dishes!