want it now: punchy teatowels from double merrick


After years in a dishwasher-less apartment, I’ve come to terms with the fact that getting ahead on doing the dishes is an unachievable goal. There will always be more to do, and they will forever be competing for the affections of a small and inefficient drying rack. Having accepted this, my sentiments on the status quo might best be expressed by this snarky teatowel, or perhaps the runner-up, “Get Rich or Die Drying”, €10 each at Double Merrick. View the whole collection, including the new Teacup and “Spotty Dotty” versions, on the site. – Sarah C.

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LOVE these! I really think this would be so much fun to have in my kitchen!

I love these! I’m really obsessed with fancy printed tea towels. I hang them in my kitchen as art!

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[…] we’ve been known to fancy their teatowels, but an afternoon perusal of the Double Merrick website has unearthed (surprise!) more to love. […]