hardcore halloween: decorating with real spider webs

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While cotton ball cobwebs may be fine for some, if you fancy eerie realism in your Halloween décor, look no further than these Spider Web Circles by Emil “Rocky” Fiore. A web-catcher extraordinaire, Fiore has made an art form (and a business) of preserving real spider webs on glass. Available in 3”, 5”, 7” and 10” diameters, each glass circle contains an intricate web with a label noting the genus and species of its spider author on the back. A spooky extra for Halloween, these one-of-a-kind items double as intriguing pieces of art for everyday. For more on Fiore and his technique see part 1 and part 2 of the “To Catch a Web” miniseries on him at Coolhunting. – Sarah C.

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Those are so cool! And here I was thinking it was pretty neat that a real spider had joined my fake halloween decorations. I was gonna be all artsy and take a picture of him with the fake spiders. Clearly this guy takes artsy spiders to a new level.

Thanks for sharing this unique art form! It’s so cool looking that it should not be relegated solely to Halloween status.
-Deb for Ecover


I’m just hoping that he doesn’t take webs from the same spiders all the time. They need those to catch food!

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[…] Real spider webs make for interesting décor all year. We couldn’t get enough of Rocky Fiore’s spider web circles, and neither could you. Deb says: “Thanks for sharing this unique art form! It’s so cool […]

Thank you all! I’m so glad you all like my work! Thank you all so much for the compliments and aknowledgements! Emil Rocky Fiore
AKA..The Spiderman of NJ

It has been brought to my attention that some folk may think what I do is in some way abusive or harmful to spiders. This is not true! I love the little suckers, and would rather kill a fly than make them go hungry. Nonetheless: I am an artist, and in art there is always a little suffering. We all do what is needed at times. Don’t we? I don’t want to upset you any more so perhaps I shouldn’t mention the harsh environment, low wages, and poor living conditions they are subjected to on a daily basis. Working their spinnerets to the bone, for nothing more than a dry fly at the end of the week! Not to mention, no health plan, and no vacation days! Did I forget the beatings? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a spider to leave the web that they just spent up to an hour working on? I can tell you. It‘s not easy. But I found a solution to this. I fashioned a small club from a tooth pick and a sunflower seed. I have found it to be very persuasive. It isn’t often I am forced to employ such cruel methods, but I come across some very stubborn spiders. Sometimes; I have to hit the big ones twice!
I often have nightmares of being tied down like “Gulliver” by a myriad of very angry arachnids! They swarm over me in an instant, wrapping me in a million strands of silk, piercing my flesh with their fangs. I fall victim to the venom and drop like a fly. They all start sucking the very life out of me while I lay there helpless, defenseless, and writhing in agony! Then I wake up, dehydrated!
I appreciate your concern. Spiders have few friends. I am their ambassador to humans. If anyone has ever established a symbiotic relationship with arachnids, that would be me.

No spiders were harmed while I was typing this letter.

I hope you have all seen the article in The New York Times from 02,03,11. If you wat to see it just google me!