strangely appealing: organic catnip toys from the modern dog


My cats are crazy for “the nip”. Like drug-addled fiends, they do anything to bathe themselves in aromatic intoxication as soon as the scent hits their noses. I’m thinking they will go nuts for these weirdly wonderful catnip toys from The Modern Dog, a hip pet store in Venice, CA. At just $8,  Van Gogh’s Ear, shown above, is perfect for the tortured feline artist in your life, or as a creepy Halloween-themed gift. My favorite has to be the crazily random Michael Jackson (both young AND old Michael) cat toy, $9. Each toy is hand screen-printed, sewn and stuffed to the seams with organically grown catnip. If these two don’t float your grimalkin’s boat, there are even more spookily stimulating toys on the site, like a cat skull, $9, or giant bat, $18. I think I know what will be under the holiday tree for my fuzzy beasts this year! — Megan B.

Via Boing Boing.

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how kooky,but i love that ear.